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Here are several brands available for sale

Above and beyond the extraordinary revolution in audio recording equipment, the basic techniques remain the same.

In order to offer you the very best advice, it is essential to have both a global vision of all of the facets of audio recording, as well as a precise understanding of each aspect (album, television, film, radio, LIVE recording, video games, internet streaming, etc.)


Large range of products

Classe A inc. offers you a large range of products for all applications.

Competitive prices

Not only do we offer competitive pricing, you will increase your productivity because with our expertise, your purchases will be streamlined to your needs and your infrastructure.

Running out of time?

No time to come to our store? No problem. We deliver and install on site so that your time is spent on what you do best, where it counts most.


Reliability guaranteed

A pioneer in the rental of high-end audio recording equipment in Montreal, Classe A inc. doesn’t just offer a simple rental service. Classe A inc. guarantees the reliability and the success of your recording sessions.

Everything you need to succeed

You will leave our office with everything you need in order to use the equipment you have rented. Delivery and installation are also available, to ensure that you are ready before the beginning of the session. You will be ready to roll right from the start, every time!


Before you purchase

Optimise your purchasing budget by insuring that you make the right choices with respect to your needs and your work environment. Avoid costly errors, lost time or lost productivity due to temporary studio shut downs.

We are able to prepare a smooth transition and avoid astronomical costs.

Custom installations

From custom cable to the interconnection of all of the equipment in a studio, we know how to do it all. We know how to create the very best cables that works every time, right from the start. Most of the wiring is done in-house, specific to your end-use within unbeatable delivery times.


Can’t find the source of a problem?

We are just a phone call away.

Your creations deserve it.

It is the solid technical expertise in audio recording that distinguishes Classe A inc.’s unique and professional service.