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A comfortable cabin with impressive acoustics for voice artists, musicians and producers.

Studiobricks is designed by the architect Tanio Coll and the high quality interior uses professional Vicoustic acoustic materials. The patented concept is a low-depreciation investment which allow musicians to record for many hours without bothering neighbours or family.

A quick-to-assemble EXTENSIBLE system

All the pieces are numbered. The assembly instructions are clear and leave no room for second-guessing. As well, your cabin has already been mounted and tested. Do you need to move or re-organise your space ? Your investment is protected with Studiobricks because you can easily disassemble the cabin and reassemble it in your new location. Need more cabin space? Studiobricks is extensible within the standardised 30 cm grid pattern.

  1. Quality insulating materials ensure excellent soundproofing

  2. Modules with outstanding acoustic properties; various sounds

   can be achieved using the adjustable Vicoustic acoustic panels

  1. No screwing or gluing, the components simply slot together

   so there are no obvious joints.

  1. Height-adjustable Silent Blocks flooring to level out uneven wooden floor boards, etc.)

  2. Components are lightweight, 14 cm wide

  3. Easily moved

  4. Extensible

  5. Residual re-sale value, which fixed constructions do not have

• Space-saving

• Numbered pieces for easy assembly

• Precise installation instructions

Why you should order a Studiobricks acoustic booth.

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