Classe A inc. will be 30 years old in 2020 !

Born out of the desire to offer the best in audio recording equipment to Montreal technicians, Stéphane Brochu founded Classe A inc. in 1995. Trained as a sound technician, Stéphane has evolved with his clients and with the changing music and sound recording industries, upholding his same mission: making quality recording accessible through the use of top quality equipment, better knowledge and careful choices adapted to the specific needs of the project. His faithful clients appreciate his precious advise which allow them to free themselves of technical concerns so they can concentrate on the creative aspect of the project...

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Zachary Richard

– Singer, composer, director and producer

“Classe A inc., now that’s class. I have collaborated with Stéphane several times and I have always been more than satisfied. Not only does he offer professional service of the highest level, but also courteous and friendly.”

Christian Clermont

– Composer for feature films, drama series and documentaries.

Les Hauts et les Bas de Sophie Paquin, Toute la véritéPee-Wee

“Classe A inc. is essential to my company. Whether for last minute problems or for short or long-term planning of new ways of working, he is indispensable. He is always on the cutting edge of new technologies. I warmly recommend him.”

Carole Therrien

– Singer and Vice-president of Effendi Records

Stéphane is attuned to his clients and he always knows how to guide us with respect to our needs and our means, whether before or after the purchase of audio or computer equipment.

Philippe Leduc

– Composer, Les Productions de L'Encrier

“Stéphane really knows our needs. His studio experience really puts him in a class of his own. That must be the “Classe A” part. He can respond to emergencies right away and also undertake lengthy searches to solve recurring technical problems, those inevitable computer “bugs.” Whatever the panic might be, he always maintains his calm, performing like a pro in the heat of the action or the analysis. In our perpetually evolving digital world, Stéphane represents a sure bet, someone you can really count on. In a word, an ace!”

Sylvain Grand

– Musician, composer, musical director and director for albums, scores and publicity music.

Kevin Parent de Kevin Parent, Me, Myself & Us

de Pascale Picard, Dralion du Cirque du Soleil

“When my brother and I started, we didn’t have a studio per say. We were looking for a place to rent Neve professional microphone pre-amps. We discovered Classe A inc. Ever since then the company has been a real gold mine, troubleshooting on more than one occasion.”

Jocelyn Daoust

– Audio supervisor for video games

“Stéphane is always accommodating. Numerous times he has, in person, delivered equipment on a tight schedule.”

Martin Watier

– Actor, director and voice artist

“Working with Stéphane and Classe A means being taken care of from A to Z with unequaled courtesy, efficiency and passion. You are guaranteed that your projects will come to life, no matter how crazy they may be.”

Anne-Marie Sylvestre

– Sound technician and director

Le NEM, ECM+, Trio Hochelaga, Trio Lajoie, Duo Beija-Flor, Tango Boréal

“I have been a client of Classe A inc. for about 10 years. Over the years, I have worked on very different recording projects for which I have needed to rent equipment and ask Stéphane Brochu for advice. Thanks to his great technical knowledge, his insight, his reliability and his generosity, I always feel well supported, and this has surely contributed to the success of my projects.”

François Arbour

– Sound technician / music mixer

Albums : Jean-Pierre Ferland, Patrick Normand

Musique de film / série TV : Gerry, Dédé, à travers les brumes

“Classe A inc. is a personalized and professional service with the right solution for your projects.”

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